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Your septic tank is important for waste management and with it not being visible, it can be very easy to forget. Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping has a team of highly trained professionals to help you make sure that your septic tank is well-maintained and properly taken care of. Trust our experts to help you keep your systems in check with our wide range of high-quality septic services at affordable prices.

Our septic professionals are well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to make sure your septic system stays in its best condition. We are dependable, trustworthy, and passionate about our business. We provide emergency services round the clock to make sure your needs are covered anytime.

Maintenance and repairs for your septic system cannot be done unless you know where your tank is located. Many property owners come to Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping for septic tank location to make sure that their systems are always in tip-top shape.

Not all property owners are knowledgeable of where their septic tanks are located and it’s not your fault! There are many reasons why you may not know where it is like lack of public records, improper inspection reports, or simply not having enough information.

Septic tanks are usually installed on properties that cannot be served by public wastewater removal. These systems are generally buried underneath the property, making them difficult to locate without proper equipment and knowledge of the system itself.

Our septic tank experts will come out to your property and locate the main sewer plumbing line that goes out from your property to identify the main line that leads to the septic tank. We use an electromagnetic locator, which is the most advanced tank location technology available today.

Knowing where to find your septic tank is the first step in keeping your septic systems running well. Generally, septic tanks are only about 20 feet from home. However, this doesn’t mean they are easy to locate.

Let the professionals from Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping help you find your property’s septic tank system so you can make sure that it is regularly maintained and inspected.

When residential and commercial property owners, real estate agents, new home buyers, and more in the Ridgeway area need septic services, Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping is where they run to. We provide everything you will need to keep your business and home systems working correctly! Our septic professionals are known for being prompt, courteous, and dependable. We provide top-quality, fast and reliable services at very reasonable rates too!

Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping is your one-stop septic system service provider. We provide reliable septic tank locating services along with septic and sewer maintenance, installation, and repairs.

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The Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping team of professionals will work thoroughly to help you locate your septic system whether it is at home or for a commercial property anytime you need it!

Call us today at (803) 402-5164 for all your septic tank locating inquiries. We provide FREE estimates for all our services. Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping proudly serves all properties in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Septic tanks need just as much maintenance as any other area of your property in order to prolong their lifespan. Action Jackson Septic Tank Pumping is a full-service septic company servicing all of Ridgeway, South Carolina. We offer residential and commercial septic services for all your needs.
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" We had an issue at 9pm on a Friday night. They answered the phone and promptly came out first thing on a Saturday. They arrived early and had to find the septic. Spent over an hour just locating the issue. They even had a plumber come before noon that day. Absolutely the nicest men. I would HIGHLY recommend. Honest, hardworking individuals. I can’t say enough about my experience. Give them a call and you will not be disappointed. "

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" EXACTLY what every business should be about! Customer service top notch and same day service. They handled my septic issue and educated me as well how to take care of it and things that will help the longtivity of my tank. Great price for great service and I will be recommending to everyone I know that may need their services!!!! "

Heather G.

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" Mr. Jackson came to our house on a Saturday evening to pump our septic tank. You will never meet a nicer man, and his rate was good, especially for a weekend night! "

Kim Von K.

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" Mr. Jackson was very professional and on time and very reasonable. I would recommend his services to anyone. I would definitely use him again!!! "

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